Everything you need to know about window film Buying window film direct has never been so easy with tintsandtools quick and easy online shop. .. .. We have over 50 years of experience and know-how – and if there’s something…
Easy as 1-2-3
By Tints & Tools
Need window film? Want to fit it yourself? With tintsandtools.com it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Tintsandtools.com is the perfect place to buy all your window film – and get all the professional tools, tips, advice, and support you need. We set up our online shop so…
Film stars
By Tints & Tools
At tintsandtools.com the films are the stars. Whatever your problem with glass – we have a film for that! Great performances It’s true – our great range of high-quality window film are all top performers. Too hot – we’ve got a film for that.
Simply the best
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If supplying window film was an Olympic sport – we’d be gold medallists. For everything you need for the perfect window film job – we’re hard to beat! Window film is the simple and effective solution to a multitude of problems with glass. From solar control…
Too hot at home?
By Tints & Tools
You need solar control window film from tintsandtools.com! This time of year, with the summer sun at its hottest, heat & glare through your windows can make life unbearable. It’s too hot, you can’t see the TV, the conservatory is more like a greenhouse, some rooms are almost unusable.
The Don
By Tints & Tools
In Oxford Universities it’s a term to mean ‘Professor’, ‘Lecturer’ or ‘Fellow’. In old Spanish it was a title given to men of high social status. It’s similar in Italian – the mafia use the term ‘Don’ for the head or most powerful in the family.
Window film direct
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Don’t worry – buy window film direct and get the perfect result everytime with tintsandtools.com! There’s no secret or magic formula – just 50 years + of industry experience and know how. Seriously.  It’s easy. Just ask Don. If you have any questions, worries, problems…
Versatile, simple, stylish and efficient. Whatever your issue with glass – window film from tintsandtools.com is the easiest and best way to fix it – fast. We have a great range of window film for all situations.We have a range of professional tools to make fitting easierWe can…
Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast – if you need window film tintsandtools.com is THE place for you. Our online shop gives you access to a large range of top-quality window film with just a few clicks. We also have a wide selection of useful…