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This principle is valid mostly for coins with real-world use cases. Before delving into NVM, let’s define Metcalfe’s Law. The law is usually applied to online networks, but it is also considered useful in the world of cryptocurrencies. According to the law, the more people who use a network, the more utility each person derives.


For example, for a coin that has a price of $5 and total coins in circulation of 100,000, the market capitalization would be $500,000. The total crypto market cap is the sum of the market caps of all actively traded cryptocurrencies. Fake trading volume is one of cryptocurrency’s most well-known problems. Numerous reports have come out which confirm that a bubble was created by token owners and exacerbated by exchanges and exchange data aggregators.

The calculation gets trickier when an asset is traded against another asset. In a crypto pair – let’s say Ethereum/Bitcoin orETH/BTC– to get the price of ETH, we would first denominate BTC in fiat. There are those who claim that market cap reflects the amount of fiat currency invested in a cryptoasset.

prices are calculated

In the world of stocks, the higher the market cap, the safer the investment. In the world of cryptocurrencies, a high market cap is less meaningful. StringA scope can be used to make a subset of the coin list. The scopeId defines a subset, while the scopeLimit defines the size of the subset. Subsequently, any orderBy and orderDirection you choose is applied on the subset. This can be used if you want to sort a subset of coins, while the set itself is ordered by market cap or volume.

Cryptocurrency price list

When the value is null, the exchange is not delisted. Market cap can also be used to predict price volatility and allows traders to make better decisions with trading. This number also includes coins that are held in a lockup or a vesting period which happens due to an Initial Coin Offering or a private sale. Unverified supply means that the coin or token supply has not been verified by our team.

Asurvey by the World Economic Forumconcluded that in 2027, 10% of the world’s GDP will be held in digital assets. According to statistics from theWorld Bank, global GDP was approximately $85.8 trillion in 2018. Long-term GDP forecasts project a 2027 GDP of $126 trillion. If the above estimates are correct, in 2027, $12.6 trillion of the world’s GDP will be stored in cryptoassets. There is nothing more harmful to a cryptocurrency than a bad reputation.

Let’s start with listed and actively traded cryptocurrencies. These currencies are often regarded as more secure than new projects. They have track records and enough trading volume to be considered liquid.


To summarize, crypto market cap matters because it’s easy to understand and a decent starting point for analyzing a cryptoasset. It’s also important because so many players consider it to be important. As the crypto space matures, better tools will be developed that will provide market participants with in-depth, actionable information. When that happens, market cap will likely lose its place as the leading crypto indicator.

And optionally open, high, low, ask, bid, baseName, baseReference, quoteName and quoteReference. Maximum supply includes tokens that have been issued and those that have yet to be issued. For instance, the maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21 million coins. This means that there will only ever be 21 million BTC and no more. Burned coins are excluded from total supply as they have been sent to an unknown address thus deemed unusable. This refers to the number of cryptocurrency coins in circulation and available to the public and circulating in the market.

Unfortunately, demand is almost impossible to predict. For example, in the case of Bitcoin , we can’t be sure at what price it will trade when it reaches its maximum supply of 21 million. Depending on outside factors, such as a ban on cryptocurrencies, it may even drop below its current price. To determine the maximum cryptocurrency market cap, we need max values for price and circulating supply. One way to gauge a network’s number of users is its node count.

Crypto market cap calculation

Indeed, a classic way to measure the quality of a cryptocurrency is to check whether its trading volume is equal to or greater than its market cap. Crypto market cap was initially copied from the stock market. Although one of the factors, price, is present in both cases, there was a need to find a crypto metric that replicated the role of shares outstanding.

For example in a BTC/USD market it would be the Bitcoins traded within a 24 hour timespan. StringFilter markets with specific currency as either base or quote. The toCurrencyUuid will not alter how the prices will be shown, but will keep the base price. This can be combined with the currencyUuid variable to get specific markets. When evaluating an ICO, consider where a project is in its development.

Coinranking – Simply Crypto Pr

Venture capital can also bring credibility to a project, which attracts other investors and drives up the price. Don’t forget to check whether top VCs back the competition. If they do, it may indicate that a competitor is less risky, possibly because it has a stronger business plan or a more experienced CEO or dev team. For the same reasons, higher trading volume enables an exchange to charge higher listing fees. It also generates traffic from aggregators and helps exchanges attract IEOs. Some project owners use bots and fake accounts to generate buzz on social media.

  • One of the most popular indicators is thehype-to-activity ratio.
  • Circulating supply is incapable of judging which coins are lost forever.
  • Bitcoin was launched as an alternative to traditional money.
  • Meanwhile, other projects have an integrated “burning” mechanism to destroy a portion of their supply and increase the price of each coin.

Hype can also come from the organized efforts of a bitcoin’s value is skyrocketing — here’s how to figure out if you should sell cryptocurrency’s community. Investors may join forces on Telegram to hype a project and increase its price. Studies have shown that Telegram and Discord groups are capable of boosting prices as much as 950%.

If you need all our at once, check out our metadata endpoint. Decentralized exchange tokens, such as UNI, CAKE and SUSHI, are digital assets. These are used to govern and access features on their respective DEX platforms.

Listings on exchanges

CEXs require users to deposit their funds into the exchange’s custody, while DEXs allow users to retain control of their own assets. Holding a certain amount of DEX token may give access to new features, such as lower trading fees or priority in order execution. String/nullThe date at which an exchange is delisted at Coinranking, which means no new data is being fetched from the exchange. This is done when an exchange ceases to exist or is hard to reach.

Distributed EOA accounts coming to EVM chains

If there is a competitor project, consider where they are in their development. If they’re closer to a working product, they could seize a significant portion of the market while claiming first-mover advantage. Cryptoassets that constantly experience wild price fluctuations may be targets of pump-and-dump schemes or other manipulative trading practices. A good whitepaper also covers the legal framework that exists between the development team and investors. Unfortunately, there are projects in the Cryptosphere that are designed to scam would-be investors out of their money.

Stocks represent ownership of a company that creates economic and social value. Tokens represent participation in a network that may or may not generate value. Tokens do not guarantee claims on profits or participation in sales or ICOs. A token’s price is based not on real-world factors that influence supply and demand but on speculation about a project’s potential.

This is a common question and an understandable one given that there are thousands of actively traded cryptocurrencies. The variety of investment opportunities can result in analysis paralysis. Investors also tend to avoid tokens that have a history of security breaches or protocol issues. Though this isn’t to say that a project can’t survive a hack.

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