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Everything you need to know about window film

Buy some window film – stick on your windows – job done.

That’s what you’d like.

Except you have nagging doubts.

You’ve selected your product and decided the size etc on the brilliant tintsandtools.com e-shop – but just ask you’re about to check-out – you start to have second thoughts.

  • Is it the right film?
  • Have I got the right size?
  • Will it be enough – too much?
  • What if it’s harder to apply than I thought?
  • What if I mess the whole thing up?

No need to worry.

Just ask Don!

Don’s been doing this job since before dinosaurs walked the earth and there’s not much he doesn’t know about window film.

He’s seen it all before.

Take the guess work out of your job by getting the most from an experienced, professional  tradesman.

Don can give you sound advice, has loads of handy tricks and tips to make things go smoothly and can help you make the right choices before you purchase.

He’s just as handy for after-sales advice too.

So – don’t be shy. 

Get peace-of-mind and a great looking finish to your job by just asking Don.


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