Not sure what size film you need?

Not sure what size film you need? Featured Image

Just ask Don!

Thinking of applying window film yourself?

Not sure how much film you are going to need? 

Worried about ordering the right amount or size?


Just ask Don!

Just grab a couple of pictures and rough estimated sizes of the windows you want to treat – then email them over – and let Don do the working out for you!


He’ll get back to you with exactly how much film you’ll need – and add enough to spare – just in case 🙂

He can even send you an email with simple instructions.


Take the guess work out of it.

Read through his easy-to-follow guide before you start the job – make the most of Don’s years of experience.

French windows

Have a look at these windows…

Here’s an example of the kind of measurements you need:

Long centre panes of glass: 195cm long x 60cms wide x 2 panes

Side windows

  • Top pane 128cms long x 52cms wide x 2 panes (on either side of doors)
  • Bottom pane 68cms long x 61cms wide x 2 panes (on either side of doors).

Don’t get it wrong – Ask Don!


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