The Specialist Supplier of Window Films for Heat, Glare, Safety & Privacy

The Specialist Supplier of Window Films for Heat, Glare, Safety & Privacy Featured Image

The best place for every type of window film – direct to you.

From films for your car to films for your office and films for your home – and all the professional tools, tips and advice you need for a perfect job every time.

We set up the tintsandtools online shop to make buying and installing window film as quick, simple and easy as possible.

We wanted anyone doing a DIY window film installation to have access to the best quality films, The best tools and support.

So – although buying the perfect window film is just a few clicks away, you get excellent back-up support and service – tips and advice from experienced professionals – on-time trouble-free delivery – in fact, everything you need.

We’ve tried to think of exactly what you need to know to make your buying decision easier. Our ‘star’ rating for films gives you insight into which films are best for which circumstances.

Our experienced fitters have years of experience working with film – and they give a warts-and-all appraisal of each product to help you make a fully informed choice.

And if that’s not enough – to take any guesswork completely out of the equation – you can always ask Don.

Don’s the man. 

He’s here anytime you still have any nagging doubts  – whether you’re not sure what size film you need, want it cut to size, have trouble fitting, don’t know the best tools or materials to use – just ask Don.


It’s that simple.

We have all kinds of window films: Automotive, Combination Safety, External Solar, Opaque and Privacy, Safety, Solar Control, a wide range of tools and so much more.



Visit today – the best place for window film direct.


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