Film stars

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At the films are the stars.

Whatever your problem with glass – we have a film for that!

Great performances

It’s true – our great range of high-quality window film are all top performers.

Too hot – we’ve got a film for that.

Too much glare – we’ve got a film for that.

Too overlooked – we’ve got a film for that.

Not safe enough – we’ve got a film for that.

Need more security – we’ve got a film for that.

Leading rolls

Our SolarGard window films provide the best protection in all kinds of situations – and are simple, effective and economic too.

Star quality

As well as the film’s themselves being stars – we’ve also put together a handy ‘star’ guide, so you get a feel for how each film performs once applied.

Our professional installation team have loads of industry experience and give a ‘warts and all’ low down on all our products – so you get a true picture of what to expect – before you buy.


Example of our handy ‘star’ rating system


Leading man

And then there’s Don.

There have been many stars called ‘Don’: Don Johnson, Don Cheadle, Don Ameche, Don Everly, Don Henley, Don King, Don McClean, Donald Sutherland, Donald Pleasence, Donald Campbell, Donald Duck… [we won’t mention Donald Trump…]

There was even a Donald Cameron – an Australian water polo star.

But he wasn’t OUR Don.



Our Don is the man you need for top tips, advice, help and support for any window film job.

When it comes to buying and installing window film – Don is your man!

  • Don can advise on the right film.
  • Don can cut film to size for you.
  • Don can help you guestimate what size film you need.
  • Don can make sure your order gets delivered on time.
  • Don can make sure you get the best price.

He’s just as handy for after-sales advice too.

Get peace-of-mind and a great looking finish to your job by just asking Don.



We’ve done our best to make our online e-shop as easy and trouble-free as possible.

It’s got a great range of top quality window films, a hand-picked selection of professional tools and loads of tips & advice to make sure you get the perfect finish everytime.

It’s all there at

But if you still have any worries, concerns or questions…

…you guessed it…

You can always ask Don.


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