How to Set Up Your LLC as a Freelancer


As you can see, the disadvantages of forming an LLC for your freelance business primarily stem from lackluster preparation and failure to maintain adequate records. If you do it right, an LLC should provide some level of benefit. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons, financial benefits, and tax benefits of forming an LLC for your freelancing work. You may also want to consider other payment services like PayPal, Wise, Revolut, WePay, or Stripe especially if you plan to work with companies around the globe.

  • Delaware and Nevada are popular states to incorporate as a business because of their low income tax rate and favorable small business laws.
  • At this point, you have to request more money from your client, as they’re taking up valuable time that’s preventing you from taking on other paid work.
  • Legally speaking, there is no difference between your personal assets and your business’s.
  • And, when your business pays you as an employee, it must withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes and submit regular tax payments to the IRS.

There are two types of Corporations, C-corporation and S-corporation. However, you will be entitled to business-related tax deductions, such as travel expenses, home office rent, and equipment costs. Protect your personal assets if someone sues you for issues with your work contracts. We are not a law firm, nor can we offer official legal advice.

Does a freelance business need an LLC? – Business entities for freelancers

Make sure to update your business account settings with your business name, logo, and email address to look professional. You can easily download your business expenses from the card to assist in tax preparation and help you avoid missing eligible tax deductions. Choose a business credit card with travel rewards and a sign-on bonus and you can earn free travel.

Do freelancers have their own business?

Most freelancers start with a sole proprietorship. And in some cases they start with a private limited company (bv). In addition to tax consequences, your choice of legal structure also has consequences for your liability.

Delaware is one of the most popular states for forming LLCs, with 1.3 million Delaware LLCs formed in 2021 alone. Delaware is preferred for its business friendly legal environment, low fees and fast filing times. You do not need to file any paperwork at a federal, state or local level to become a sole proprietor. Once you begin conducting business, you are considered a sole proprietor.

What are the main types of business entities?

Many freelancers derive substantial benefits from forming a single-member LLC. But there are pros and cons to consider in making this decision. This article explains a) what an LLC is and why you may want one for your freelance business, and b) what factors you should consider when deciding whether to set up an LLC. Another difference is you don’t personally own the business assets, such as receivables, equipment, and bank account. Instead, the LLC owns these and you own an interest in the LLC.


This isn’t Why Every Freelancer Should Consider Forming An Llc to form an LLC, but it’s highly recommended, especially when you start scaling your freelancing offerings, growing your clientele, and managing your finances with a professional lens. Get a free PDF of all these questions and a handy chart comparing sole proprietorship vs LLC above. Limited liability – LLC members are protected from personal liability for business debts and claims.

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