Quality window film direct.

Quality window film direct. Featured Image

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast – if you need window film tintsandtools.com is THE place for you.

Our online shop gives you access to a large range of top-quality window film with just a few clicks.

We also have a wide selection of useful tools to make installation that much easier.

We’ve been working with window film for over 50 years – so there’s not much we don’t know about selecting and installing – and we can pass all that experience on to you – making sure you get a great finished job.

We know it can be difficult to know which window film would suit best – so our team have put together a handy ‘star’ rating system which gives you a clear warts-and-all picture of each film. 

Our installers have commented on the films too – so you get a real feel for what they are like to work with and what you can expect to achieve.

Technical information for each film along with installation tips are all available online for you.

Here’s the sort of info you can see:

And our tools catalogue too:

And then there’s Don…

Still not sure?

Just ask Don.

He can help you with everything from selecting the film for you, to tips and advice on installing, guestimating the size you need [he can even cut the film to size if you need it], provide you with product samples, suggest the best tools and materials to get professional end result, ensure your delivery is on time, and generally give you all the support you need.

You can buy your window film quickly & easily with just a few clicks – or you can make the most of our years of insider knowledge – whatever works for you!

Visit the shop at tintsandtools.com or call Don on 0118 989 5200


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