Take the guess work out of DIY window film

Take the guess work out of DIY window film Featured Image

Everything you need to know about window film

Buying window film direct has never been so easy with tintsandtools quick and easy online shop.



We have over 50 years of experience and know-how – and if there’s something you need – we’ve got you covered.

High quality product, on-time delivery, peerless service, indispensable back-up and support, insider knowhow, cut-to-size options, free samples* and professional tools.

We are much more than just another film supplier. 

And on top of all that – we’ve got Don!

  • Don can advise on the right film.
  • Don can cut film to size for you.
  • Don can help you guestimate what size film you need.
  • Don can make sure your order gets delivered on time.
  • Don can make sure you get the best price.

If only everyone could be more like Don.

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Tintsandtools.com provide the complete customer package – from a wide range of online products – expert tips and advice – to after-sales  support. 

Tintsandtools.com is there for you.

… and so is Don.


Go on! Check out the website and see for yourself.

We know you’ll love it.

Stick with us!


Simple, clear, easy-to-follow layout

Handy warts-and-all ‘star’ rating and installers comments to help you make the right selection

A wide range of professional high quality tools

Samples available on request


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