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The recent surge in Covid-19 cases has got everyone on alert and heightened our anxiety levels.

Boris says we must work from home again if we can.


Your home office may be cramped, uncomfortable, messy – and in some cases – overlooked.

Windows at ground level or in full view of neighbours and passers-by present a problem.

Apart from unprotected glazing putting you at risk of break-ins, unscrupulous or opportunist thieves, and unwanted prying eyes – they may make you feel exposed and can be a huge distraction…

You may find you spend more time watching next door arguing, or that bloke from No:7 making a right mess of parking his Prius.

On view

Nobody wants every Tom, Dick and Harry gawping at them whilst they are trying to finish that presentation, complete that report – or even just trying to work in their dressing gown…

It’s kind of weird and does little to appease the already strange sensation that working from home can create for many.

Safe as houses

Luckily there is a simple and safe solution.

Privacy window film is the cost-effective way to fix this problem and is quick and easy to install.

Wide range of privacy films

Tintsandtools.com have a wide range of mirrored, opaque and translucent window film to suit all tastes.

Privacy films for you

The Tintsandtools.com range of specialist Privacy films provide added security – deterring potential opportunist thieves. Film can strengthen your glass too – so that any really determined ne’er-do-well who might decide to try to break in will find it’s not so easy!

Whilst we don’t want to be scaremongers and worry you unduly — windows, doors and other glazed areas are weak spots in any home.


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